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Keep it off the ground and covered with plastic

The first heat transfer factory of firewood is the legal measurement and doesn't necessarily happen on your property after delivery. Measure and take pictures., and finally Poplar 74/gals.


Get a delivery receipt attesting to quantity sold and stack it tightly and promptly. Some states specifically prohibit the terms "cord", "face cord", "pile" or "truckload" from being used in advertising the sale of cordwood or firewood. It must measure 128 cubic feet and measure four feet by four feet by eight feet long when closely stacked.


Green wood (freshly cut) has less heat value because energy is expended evaporating moisture trapped in the wood., Red Oak, Hard Maple and Yellow Birch/127 gals. Keep it off the ground and covered with plastic, allowing air to circulate freely. Purchase fully seasoned firewood or split your firewood at least six months before use.


There is nothing wrong with this practice, but the seller should be able to tell you which hardwood(s) predominate. If the quantity delivered is less than promised, contact your local weights and measures office of the Division of Standards. Beech/130 gals.